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badge3/26/15Box 13 Mourns Death Of FAO Daryl Gordon - Box 13 Associates joins our dearest friends in the Cincinnati Fire Department mourning the loss of Firefighter Daryl Gordon.  May our Lord hold him in His loving hands, and watch over and comfort his family in their time of need.


Mission - Box 13 Associates is an organization of professionals, executives, and business owners that supports the Cincinnati Fire Department in promoting and improving fire safety protection, in promoting effective medical response, and in promoting state-of-the-art hazmat and terrorism response, by assisting the department, the fire administration, and the men and women of the department in any capacity as is appropriate. Box 13 interacts with the Greater Cincinnati community, business, and the city administration to promote the mission and needs of the Cincinnati Fire Department and the welfare and safety of the department's members. Box 13 provides financial support, scholarships, and awards, and assists with public awareness, fund raising, special projects, and other activities that promote and support the effectiveness of the Cincinnati Fire Department.

Here is how one member describes the organization - I would like to tell you about the most exciting organization I’ve ever been associated with. Well, not just exciting, it’s more! It’s rewarding and offers a great deal of personal satisfaction. You can have fun and make a real contribution to one of our community’s most valuable and respected resources! What am I talking about? Well it’s an organization that has been in existence now for more than 80 years! Not a headline grabbing, publicity seeking, flag waving bunch. No, just a group of concerned people with a desire to contribute in some way to the wonderful tradition of the nation’s first professional fire fighting force. Sound interesting? Well think about this. Could you enjoy a meal or a visit to one of Cincinnati’s fire stations? Could you stand a complete change from that hum-drum daily routine? Well, Box 13 Associates of the Cincinnati Fire Department could be the answer. A true service organization where you can make a solid contribution to the remarkable men and women that comprise the Cincinnati Fire Department. We take dinner to a different fire station each month, we ride along on emergency runs, (if you so desire) we recognize the firefighters for their achievements. We participate in their activities. We supply little things like shift calendars, we’ve even been known to help drag a hose line or assist in changing an air bottle at a fire! There’s nothing else in the city, no nothing in the rest of the country, that compares to Box 13! - Howard Kuhnell, member and former Box 13 Chief

In case you missed it, Hyde Park Living Magazine April 2008 edition, had an article about Station 46 in Hyde Park and an article about Box 13. Click the following link to see the article: Hyde_Park_MagazineHPLM-Box13

Box 13 Membeers January 14, 2015